New IPL Fitness Angels Pro, Aurore Cottet!
Aurore Cottet was magical at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship on May 28th in Mesa, AZ.
One of the most winning IPL Athletes, heading into AZ, Cottet already possessed IPL Pro Cards in Bikini, Sports Model, and Evening Gown. However, she had her sights set on one more division. Fitness Angels.
Cottet would travel all the way from Tahiti, French Polynesia, to compete in AZ. As competitive as the Fitness Angels Open class was, Cottet managed to win each of the six scored categories, including earning perfect 10’s for her wings/outfit.
Her final score was 209 (out of a max 240) which was one of the highest point totals of the show. Needless to say, Cottet landed in 1st place and became the IPL’s newest Fitness Angels Pro. Shout out to Amber Daniell (2nd) and Ladel Lyn Kross (3rd) who rounded out the top 3.
It is going to be AWESOME to see Aurore Cottet on the Pro Fitness Angels stage with Pros like Fany Ahmin, Lylian Muttakyawa, Annie Minkler, Ashlee Celine, Stephanie Chomyk, and Elli Sigala. Michael Brooks Photography.

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