New IPL Bikini Pro, Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis!
Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis OWNED the Bikini division at the October 2017 2nd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on Saturday September 30th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
But first, some history…
Dawn’s first IPL contest was the September 2016 Grand Prix in Mesa, Arizona. At this contest Dawn was all about the Sports Model and Evening Gown divisions. She landed outside the top five in Women’s Sports Model Novice, earned 3rd place in Women’s Sports Model Masters 40+, and 3rd in Evening Gown Masters 40+.
Next up was the May 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship in Tempe, Arizona. This was Dawn’s first foray into the IPL Bikini division. An improved Davis fared even better here earning 5th place in Bikini Novice Class A, 3rd in Bikini Masters 40+, and 1st in Evening Gown Masters 40+ and accompanying Evening Gown Masters Pro Card.
Now for the September 2017 IPL 2nd Annual West Coast Pro/Am in Rancho Cordova, CA…
This time Dawn would travel into new territory as she touched down on the IPL Cali stage. In Cali, Dawn was all about the Bikini division, as this was the only division she entered. And, in Cali, Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis would absolutely Dominate.
At 4’11″ tall, Dawn is short in stature. However, she packs a powerful physique and stage presence, which gives the illusion that she stands much taller.
First was Bikini Novice Class A. Davis took 1st place. Then, it was on to battle it out for the Bikini Novice Overall title. Davis would go up against impressive Class B winner, Mel Bukuroshi. It was Davis for the Overall win.
Then on to the Bikini Masters 40+. Again it was Dawn for the win, earning her IPL Bikini Masters Pro Card. Then to the Masters Overall. Here, Dawn would face-off with talented Masters 50+ winner, Mayra Solorzano. And, again, It was Dawn for the Overall title.
Then to the Open. In Bikini Open Class A Davis, once again, could not be stopped. She would go on to win 1st place here and her IPL Pro card. Then to the Open Overall. It was here that Dawn’s Cali reign would come to end as amazing Class B winner Laura L Dukas-Baumann, took the Open Overall.
At 47 years young Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis is coming out ahead against competitors that are decades younger. Dawn Vantrepotte-Davis is truly inspiration, and we are excited to see her on the IPL Pro stage! Michael Brooks Photography.

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