New IPL Fitness Angels Pro, Dore DeBartolo!
Something quite interesting happened on stage at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Midwest Championship on April 15th in Madison, WI.
As an IPL Women’s Bodybuilding Pro, Dore DeBartolo is packing a lot of muscle, as is expected. She is also a Women’s Athletic Pro, and she is carrying more muscle than we typically see in this division. But, she manages to present her physique well here.
However, in IPL Fitness Angels, a popular cross-over division for Bikini competitors, Dore’s physique is surely far outside the range of what we typically see. That being said, in the IPL we do not discourage athletes from entering any division they wish, regardless of the look of their physique, or how much muscle they carry, for that matter. We like to keep things interesting by allowing athletes room to…well…spread their wings.
The question in Madison, as is the question with all IPL athletes in all divisions at every IPL contest, was would Dore be able to present her physique in a way that “looked the part” for Fitness Angels? Or, would her muscularity overshadow the theme of this division?
In the end, Dore does move with the grace and poise that this division requires. And, she exudes fun energy, and has a 1,000 watt smile that draws you in and lights up the room. Needing a minimum score of 168 points for the PQ, Dore DeBartolo landed 188 and became the IPL’s newest Fitness Angels Pro.
The question now is, how will Dore match up against the current crop of IPL Fitness Angels Pros? Will her look, and presentation have the same impact when compared to less muscled Pro competitors? We are excited to find out. Michael Brooks Photography.

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