New IPL Figure Pro, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson!
Next up on the IPL contest calendar was the 2017 IPL Tahiti Pro/Am on Saturday October 14th on the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. And, without a doubt, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson was one of the most celebrated athletes of the show.
Doré would travel to the South Pacific, all the way from Midwest USA to take part in the Tahiti Pro/Am. And, with what she brought to the stage, she was certainly a fan favorite. There were moments when the cheers that Doré received from the packed Tahiti theater were deafening. This would go on throughout the night, as Doré entered several divisions and classes, Pro and Amateur.
Starting with Figure Open, Doré brought it. Needing a minimum score of 126 (out of 180) for the PQ, Doré earned 143 and became the IPL’s newest Figure Pro. This would be Doré’s 5th division IPL Pro Card. She was already qualified in Bodybuilding, Athletic, Sports Model, and Fitness Angels (yep). But, Doré was not done yet in Tahiti…
Side question… Is Doré DeBartolo-Robinson ready to face #1 IPL Figure Pro, Mary Onyango???
Michael Brooks Photography.

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