Coming off an incredible 2016 season where Elli won IPL Pro Cards in Evening Gown, Women’s Sports Model, Fitness Angels, and Bikini… then landing the cover of Natural Bikini Magazine, and being featured in several other magazine publications, it was now time to put herself to the test at the Pro level.
The first IPL Pro Bikini face-off of the 2017 season went down at the 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic on May 28th in Mesa, AZ.
AZ would feature five top IPL Bikini Pros. Two of which are 2-time IPL Pro Bikini Champions, including Beth Cote, and Naia Day who is the reigning IPL APEX PRO BIKINI CHAMPION.
Considering this lineup, Elli Sigala would have her work cut out for her. But, she was up for the challenge.
Athletes receive six individual scores in IPL competition. Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing/Presentation, Suit, and Model Walk/Routine at Finals. An overview of the scoring at the AZ PRO makes it clear where Elli Sigala rises above the pack.
With the full, round package that Sigala presents, the Muscularity round was hers. The symmetry round yielded a three-way tie in scores among the top three competitors, as did the suit score. Sigala’s score then drops in the Conditioning round, where she landed in 3rd. But then, her scores skyrocket back to the top in the Posing/Presentation round (with a near perfect 39 out of 40 points), and Model Walk at Finals.
In the end, Elli Sigala’s total package and presentation put her in 1st place by a solid eight points, earning 218 out of a max of 240. One of the highest point totals of the contest.
Shout out to Beth Cote who landed in 2nd with 210, and Naia Day who was hot on Cote’s heels with 209, rounding out the top three.
Elli Sigala now joins an elite group of IPL Pro Bikini Champions that include Naia Day, Beth Cote, Ana La Belle, and Karen Basler.
With plenty of IPL Pro shows left on the 2017 calendar, including IPL APEX (year-end pinnacle championship event) things are certainly heating up! Michael Brooks Photography.

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