New IPL Figure Pro, Alisha Gray!
Alisha Gray was incredible at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Texas State Pro/Am on August 5th in Houston, TX.
Five months prior, at the 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship, Alisha made her IPL Figure debut. At that contest Alisha was impressive, taking 1st place in Figure Novice and earning a respectable 3rd in the Open. The Open winner there was none other than the dominant Yady Cedeno.
Needless to say Gray was eager to redeem herself and had her eyes locked on the coveted IPL Figure Pro Card.
Ditching the Novice and opting only to enter the Open on August 5th in Houston, Alisha Gray nailed it. That being said, it would not be an easy win as a comparable Marisha Robinson proved to be a solid threat and Alisha’s most formidable challenger in the Open.
The two would push each other, earning very close scores in each of the six judged categories. However, in the end it was Alisha Gray who pulled ahead landing in 1st place, becoming the IPL’s newest Figure Pro. And just two weeks later Alisha landed on the front cover of Natural Gainz Magazine.
There is no doubt that Alisha Gray will be a force on the IPL Pro Figure stage. It will be very exciting to see how she matches up against IPL Pros like Mary Onyango, Christy Byxbee, Betty Guerrero, Julia Hubbard, Ilana Lea and fellow IPL Texas Pros Yady Cedeno and Misti Sowell. Michael Brooks Photography.

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