New IPL Men’s Bodybuilding Open & Masters Pro, Karl Harl!
When Karl Hall appeared on the IPL stage at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic on March 11th in Manhattan, NYC a wave of shock was sent through the theater.
At 5’9” and 185 pounds, Hall packed an insane amount of sharp, lean muscle mass. A few days later he was a guest on the IPL Talk Weekly Radio show describing his diet, training, body weight, the IPL’s drug-testing protocol and more. So, what is responsible for this guy’s physique???
Off-season weight = 225.
Stage weight = 185.
Off-season calorie consumption, per day = 7,800.
Training = 4 to 5 Powerlifting movements, and THAT’S ALL.
Karl will mostly like be making his Pro debut in just two months at the IPL New Jersey Pro. Who will he be up against??? The “Prodigy” Justin Baker and David Boutros… maybe more… Michael Brooks Photography.

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