New IPL Bikini Pro, Heimana Mairoto!
Bikini Open was one of the most hotly contested classes at the 2017 IPL Tahiti Championship on May 13th in Tahiti, French Polynesia. It was VERY tight at the top. Only 4 points separated 1st from 4th.
Here is the breakdown:
1st Heimana Mairoto = 134
2nd Kris Hani = 132* [tie breaker]
3rd Priscillia Cancian = 132
4th Fany Ahmin = 130
In the end, Mairoto’s high scores in the Posing/Presentation round at Prejudging and on her suit gave her just enough edge to pull away from the pack and land in 1st, becoming the IPL’s newest Bikini Pro.
The IPL’s Pro Bikini division is the most stacked of all divisions. With top Pros like Naia Day, Beth Cote, Elli Sigala, Aurore Cottet, Sunni Ewing, Annie Minkler, Mellanie “Mela Bella” Basi, and Amber Daniell, it will be exciting to see how Heimana matches up. Michael Brooks Photography.

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