New IPL Bikini Masters Pro, Jenny Langomazino!
Last month, the International Physique League traveled to the center of the South Pacific Ocean to the Island of Tahiti, French Polynesia. This historic trip marked the IPL’s first international contest event. On the Island of Tahiti, were wonderful, welcoming people, a sold out theater, and tons of talent on the IPL stage.
And, Jenny Langomazino was one of the most stand out athletes at the 2017 IPL Tahiti Championship on May 13th in Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Nice, full muscularity, well-balanced and proportionate, good conditioning, and A-class posing and presentation landed Jenny in the winners spot in the Bikini Masters 40+ class. However, to be awarded the PQ, Jenny would need a minimum point total of 126 points out of a max of 180. Earning a very impressive 152, Jenny Langomazino became the IPL’s newest Bikini Masters Pro.
With talented US-based IPL Bikini Masters Pros like Tawnya Cline, Naia Day, Nikki Francis-Smith, Johanna Paco, and Tunde Milstein, it will be exciting to see how Langomazino matches up. And, rumor has it that top IPL Masters Bikini Pro (& reigning IPL Masters Bikini APEX Champ) Tawnya Cline, may be heading to Tahiti for the IPL Tahiti Pro this later this year 🙂 Michael Brooks Photography.

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