New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Andrew Kang!

Men’s Athletic was also one of the most exciting and intense classes at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic on March 11th in Manhattan, NYC.

Andrew “KING” Kang brought down the house with his dominating physique. The level of fullness, conditioning, and stage presence Kang brought was hard to beat. And his posing and presentation was top of the line. This guy’s side pose was CRAY!

It was incredibility close in both Athletic Novice and Open. At the top of those classes was Kang and Taylor Lapnow. Shout out to Lapnow who took the Novice class. The Lapnow win must have ignited a fire in Kang, as Kang reappeared for the Open and slayed the class.

At the top of the Open class once again was Kang and Lapnow, with neck and neck scores in all rounds throughout prejudging. Then, at finals, Kang’s Model Walk/Routine sealed the deal as he pulled ahead for the win and became the IPL’s newest Men’s Athletic Pro.

There is no question that Kang will be a force on the IPL Pro stage. And, rumor has it that Kang might be back in just a couple months at the IPL New Jersey Pro on May 6th. If so, Kang may very well get to go up against some of the best in IPL Pro Men’s Athletic, including his teammate and Men’s Athletic Pro Champion Angel Aulet, as well as top Pro Anthony Aiu. Michael Brooks Photography.

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