New IPL Women’s Sports Model Pro, Jenny June Lambrecht!
Jenny June was fantastic at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Natural Gainz Magazine Classic on March 11th in Manhattan, NYC.
Reminiscent of top IPL Pro Sunni Ewing’s golfer theme performance (and IPL PRO CARD win) at last year’s New York Pro/Am, Jenny’s version of this theme also proved to be IPL Pro quality.
In order to land the IPL PQ, Lambrecht would need to not only win the class, but also earn at least 168 points. In the end, she landed 176 and became the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model Pro.
Lambrecht brings a competitive physique and fun presentation to the stage. It will be exciting to see her on stage with the rest of the IPL’s Women’s Sports Model Pro lineup. Michael Brooks Photography.

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