New IPL Women’s Athletic Masters Pro, Christina Lefoc!
41 year old Christina Lefoc (krikri cricri) pushed hard for the win in Women’s Athletic Masters 40+ at the 2017 IPL Tahiti Championship on May 13th in Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Heading into Finals, five of the six scores were in. Lefoc had a total of 106 points, and was trailed closely by Bourgeois Marie-France who had 105. This meant that Finals would present two challenges. For one, Lefoc would have to NAIL her Walk/Routine if she wanted to hold on to her 1st place spot. And secondly, the minimum point total for the IPL Pro Qualification in Tahiti was 126 points (out of a Max of 180). So, Lefoc would need to score at least 20 points at Finals for the PQ.
In the end, Lefoc would crush it at Finals, scoring 27 points (out of a max of 30) in one of the most entertaining Walks/Routines of the contest. Marie-France earned 20 points. And with that, Lefoc was welcomed into the IPL Pro leagues as the newest Women’s Athletic Masters Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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