New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro Champion, Jason Lubag!
Jason Lubag was at the top of his game at 2nd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on Saturday September 30th in Rancho Cordova, CA.
A full year had passed since Lubag earned IPL Pro status at the 2016 WCPA. It was now time to make his Pro Debut. And, this appeared to be his best package to date (this was Lubag’s third IPL contest). While still displaying his signature muscle fullness, Lubag’s conditioning was the sharpest we have seen on him.
That being said, 2nd place finisher Steven Perez Michael (also making his IPL Pro Debut) pushed Lubag to the limit. Of the six scored categories, it went like this…
Muscularity = Perez
Symmetry = Lubag
Conditioning = Lubag
Posing/Presentation = Tied
Suit = Tied
Model Walk (at Finals) = Lubag
With this win Jason Lubag now enters an elite group of IPL Pro Champions, as he is only the third man to ever win an IPL Pro Men’s Athletic title. He joins Zyrian Apurillo (1X) and Angel Aulet (2X). To date, none of these men have competed against each other. How awesome will it be to have these guys on the same stage??? Michael Brooks Photography.

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