New IPL Men’s Bodybuilding Pro, James T. Mickles!
James T. Mickles was one of the most exciting athletes to hit the stage at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 25th in Houston, TX.
Packing plenty of rugged muscle (reminiscent of Natural Gainz Magazine and NATURALMAG cover boy IPL Pro, Nate Olsen) James’ physique was quite impressive. Not only was Mr. Mickles’ muscularity on point, but his condition was tight, and his posing was A-class. Needing to score at least 168 points for the IPL PQ, James earned 208, the highest point total of the entire contest. Achieving this grants James a waived entry fee into his next IPL show, which will most likely be his IPL Pro Debut.
James T. Mickles is a formidable competitor and as mentioned above, with rugged muscularity comparable to IPL Pro Nate Olsen, posing and presentation on the level of IPL Pro Justin Baker, and southern swag on par with IPL PRO and fellow Texan Cobe Mouton, there is no doubt that James will give the upper echelon crop of IPL Men’s Bodybuilding Pros a run for the money, and the Title Belt. Michael Brooks Photography.

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