New IPL Pro Figure Champion, Mary Onyango!
More than a year had past since the IPL’s first ever Pro Figure face-off, which took place at the May 2016 IPL New Jersey Pro.
Two INCREDIBLE top Pros went head to head in Jersey… Vanessa Lynn Campos and Kaylin Payne. Both would go on to land magazine covers and various features in Vigorous Magazine, NATURALMAG and GAINZ. However, the NJ Pro belonged to Campos as she became the IPL’s first ever Pro Figure Champion. A story that landed at #7 on the TOP 16 IPL stories of 2016.
Fast forward to the 2017 3rd Annual IPL North Atlantic Championship and USA Pro/Am on September 24th in Ridgefield, CT. The IPL’s second ever Pro Figure showdown. What a glorious battle between top Pros Mary Onyango and Julia Hubbard.
Although Hubbard is a very impressive and formidable competitor, Onyango simply proved to be too much for Hubbard to handle in Connecticut.
Reviewing the score cards reveals Mary Onyango winning all six scored categories, including a perfect 40/40 score in the Muscularity round. In the end, Onyango earned a whopping 230 points out of a max 240. This was, by far, the highest point total of all athletes in the entire show.
At this time Mary Onyango is surely the girl to beat in IPL Pro Figure. Considering the dominating fashion with which Onyango takes the stage, one may wonder… who the heck can beat her?
With the only other IPL Pro Figure Champion, Vanessa Lynn Campos, talking of retiring from the sport this question becomes even more compelling.
However, with the current crop of stellar IPL Figure Pros on the circuit, like Yady Cedeno, Alisha Msprettydaisy Gray, Christy Byxbee, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson, and Ilana Lea (to name a few) it is likely that Mary Onyango will have some incredible competition in the near future. Michael Brooks Photography.

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