New IPL Women’s Athletic Pro, Heather Randall!
Much of the reason Women’s Athletic was so awesome at the 2017 2nd Annual IPL California Championship on May 20th in Rancho Cordova, CA was a stand out superstar named Heather Randall.
Heather was just spot on in Cali. Apparently she really did her homework. Everything about Randall’s presentation just popped. Pose after pose it became increasingly clear that Heather Randall was becoming the new “It Girl” in IPL Women’s Athletic.
Currently, the athlete demonstrating IPL Women’s Athletic poses on the IPL website, is breakout 2016 star Nina Olsen (who won her IPL Pro Cards in Women’s Athletic & Figure at the IPL Midwest Championship last year). All of Nina’s poses are amazing (she is the posing example on the website after all) but her abs pose is the best we have seen. Heather Randall’s abs pose is the 2017 version of Nina Olsen’s.
Randall basically nailed it in this class and earned 160 points (out of a max of 180), the second highest score of the entire contest. Needless to say the IPL Pro Card was all hers.
With the level of quality in IPL Pro Women’s Athletic, Heather Randall makes a wonderful addition. It will be exciting to see Randall on stage with Pros like Mary Onyango, Doré DeBartolo-Robinson, Julia Hubbard, Kaylin Payne, Brittany Warner and ESPECIALLY Nina Olsen. Michael Brooks Photography.

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