New IPL Bikini Pro, Shelbi Ray!

Shelbi Ray was a dominant force at the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 25th in Houston TX. ANDDDDDD, Shelbi is only 18 YEARS OLD!

Bikini Open was definitely one of the most competitive classes of this show. And, by the numbers, it was the most stacked.

As the contest progressed, it gradually became clear that Shelbi was the standout athlete in Bikini. Her posing and presentation were on point and, from the back, she was unbeatable in Texas. Shout out to 2nd place Sylvana Nz who landed just 4 points behind Ray, and dominated the Model Walk at finals, winning that round.

Being that Bikini Open was an instant PQ for the 1st place winner, Ray was sworn in as the IPL’s newest Bikini Pro. And, made history as youngest athlete to earn IPL PRO status.

It is amazing to think that Shelbi is still a teenager. And it is blinding to think how bright Shelbi “The Teen Sensation” Ray’s future is. She will surely be a contender on the IPL Pro Bikini Stage. Michael Brooks Photography.

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