New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Felicia Lee-Sexton!
Already an IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro (earned at the 2016 2nd Annual IPL Southern Championship), 55 years-young Felicia Sexton came back in 2017 for more.
At the 2017 3rd Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 25th in Houston TX Sexton returned to the IPL stage, and cleaned house. Starting in the Fitness Angels Masters division, Felicia landed in 1st place and earned her IPL PRO CARD. Then it was on to the IPL Evening Gown Open division.
Reminiscent of her dynamic 2016 performance, Sexton was just as good, if not better. She was quite impressive on stage at Prejudging with a fantastic physique and a creative, unique, white gown with black trim.
Sexton would eventually seal the deal as she reappeared for finals, this time with a brilliant yellow number that just made her pop. At this contest, Sexton would need to win the class and also score at least 168 points for the IPL PQ. Earning 1st place and a point total of 177, Felicia Sexton became the IPL’s newest Evening Gown Pro. Sexton now holds three IPL PRO CARDS:
Pro Fitness Angels Masters, Pro Evening Gown Open, & Pro Evening Gown Masters.
Michael Brooks Photography.

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