New IPL Bikini Pro, Abigail Comstock!

Abigail Comstock was certainly a top performer at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 29th in Sacramento, CA.

And, what a season for Abigail!

Four months prior Abigail Comstock competed in the IPL California Championship where she earned 1st place in Bikini Mommas (0 to under 1), 2nd place in Bikini Open Class B, 1st place in Fitness Angels Open earning her IPL Pro card and finally 1st place in Women’s Sports Model Open earning her IPL Pro Card there as well.

Following that contest Abigail would land on the front cover of the Fall 2018 issue of NATURALMAG.

At the West Coast Pro/Am Abigail would once again be one of the most active athletes on the IPL stage.

First up was Bikini Mommas. Here Abigail would earn another 1st place spot, yet lost the Overall to Bikini Mommas (3 to 5) winner Raquel Flaherty.

Next was Bikini Open where Abigail landed 1st place in class B, earning her IPL Pro Card. Then, Abigail would find herself in her second battle for an Overall title. Once again facing Open Class A winner Raquel Flaherty. In a turn of events, this time it would be Abagail for the Overall win.

Two trophies, three medals, an Overall title, a Pro Card, and Abigail was just getting started…

Michael Brooks Photography

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