New IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro, Elly Niezen!

Elly Niezen dominated Masters Evening Gown at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic on May 28 in Mesa, Arizona.

First, fifty-three-years-young Elly opted to enter Masters 40+ and not 50+. And in 40+ she swept the class, winning all six scored categories, yielding 180 points and earning her IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro Card. Shout out to Shelly Kushner Bach Roeder and Monica Petersen, who rounded out the top three. Then it was on to the Overall.

In the Overall it was 50+ winner Tiffany Gates, who also looked amazing, and Elly. In the end Elly could not be stopped as she went on the take the Overall title.

Michael Brooks Photography

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