New IPL Evening Gown Masters Pro, Melanie Larson!

Melanie Larson rocked the Evening Gown division at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA.

After placing 1st in Women’s Sports Model Masters 40+, but missing the Pro Card by one single point, Larson put it all on the line once again. This time in Evening Gown Masters 40+.

With impressive scores across the Board (her highest being in Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning and Gown) Larson took the lead, landing 1st place. And, with enough point this time for the PQ (180 – needed at least 168) Melanie Larson became the IPL’s Newest Evening Gown Masters Pro.

Shout out to Ennie Hamdjah Crown in 2nd place.

It will be exciting to see Larson hit the IPL Pro Masters Evening Gown stage with Pros like Rachel Dolma Balunsat, Tawnya Cline, Sunny Eclipse Miller and Caroline Tsutakawa!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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