New IPL Bikini Pro, Raquel Flaherty!

Another IPL Bikini newcomer at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 29th in Sacramento, CA was Raquel Flaherty.

And in Cali Raquel would dominate in the division.

First up was Bikini Mommas. Cali featured three Bikini Mommas classes. Raquel, in Bikini Mommas (3 to 5) took 1st place in the class. And, shortly after took Overall Bikini Mommas.

Then it was on to Bikini Novice.

Bikini Novice was stacked across the board with three classes… A, B, C. Raquel would take 1st place in class B and go to take Overall title number two.

Finally it was a stacked Bikini Open. Arguably the most competitive division of the show.

Raquel took Class A 1st place. And with that win became the IPL’s newest Bikini Pro.

Then went on to Open Overall, against Class B winner Abigail Comstock, where her reign came to an end as Abigail walked away with the Overall title.

All this being said Raquel certainly had her work cut out for her in the Open. In the Open she would win three of the six scored rounds. Muscularity, Symmetry, and Conditioning. However in Posing/Presentation as well as Suit she would tie with 2nd place winner Vanessa Santibanez. And in the Model Walk at Finals she would tie with 3rd place winner Katherine Velazquez.

Shout out to 4th place winner Casaundra Davis and 5th place winner Megan Little who also pushed Raquel to the max.

We are super excited to see Raquel Flaherty hit the IPL Pro Bikini stage!

And be sure to check out the Winter 2018/2019 issue of Natural Bikini Magazine where Raquel gives her tips on Meal Prep!

Michael Brooks Photography

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