New IPL Bikini Pro, Jennylee Wright!

The final Bikini Pro Qualification at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA was handed to Jennylee Wright.

In both Bikini Mommas and Bikini Open, Jennylee’s balanced blend of muscularity and movement really stood out.

That being said, it was very tight at the top of Bikini Open Class B. Especially between Jennylee and 2nd place finisher Abigail Comstock.

Of the six scored categories: Muscularity, Symmetry, Conditioning, Posing/Presentation, Suit, Model Walk – Jennylee won two. Muscularity and Symmetry. Comstock won three. Conditioning, Posing/Presentation and Model Walk. And the two tied in Suit.

Even with only two victorious rounds, the point margins proved to be just enough to put Jennylee in the winners spot earning a total of 193 points to Comstock’s 187 points.

Shout out to Melissa McCloud (3rd), Lisa Huntsinger (4th) and Cora Albers (5th) who rounded out the top 5.

After winning the Overall Bikini Mommas title earlier in the evening, it was on to the Open Overall between Wright and Bikini Open Class A winner, Cambria Cardona.

In the end, Cardona was able to pull ahead in the Overall pose down for the title.

Michael Brooks Photography.

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