New IPL Bikini Pro, Cambria Cardona!

Twenty-two year old, first time competitor, Cambria Cardona was surely one of the most exciting competitors at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL California Championship on May 5th in Sacramento, CA.

Entering three classes in Cali, Cambria seemed as ubiquitous as the font bearing the same name. Simply put, Cardona DOMINATED the Bikini division. Here is what she took:

BIKINI NOVICE (CLASS A) = 1st Place + Overall Novice
BIKINI OPEN (CLASS A) = 1st Place + PRO CARD + Overall Open

Then, it was on to the Sports Model division, where Cambria killed it in Novice. Many were shocked when Cardona did not appear in the Open class, as she surely would have posed a serious threat in that class. Needless to say, it was Cardona for the win in Women’s Sports Model Novice.

In the end, Cardona crushed it in Cali. Many believe that, with what Cambria Cardona is bringing to the stage, she is ready to battle it out at the Pro level with Pros like Rebecca Unruh, Kristen Perez, Sunny Eclipse Miller, Wassana Moore and Tabetha Lynn Hernandez. And, even push Pro Champions like Elli Sigala and Tawnya Cline.

Keep an eye out for some MAJOR Cambria Cardona news within the next week!

Michael Brooks Photography.

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