New IPL Fitness Angels Pro, Cinthia Beltran!

Cinthia Beltran was absolutely magical at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL West Coast Pro/Am on September 29th in Sacramento, CA.

In her second IPL outing Cinthia was greatly improved across the board, and especially in Fitness Angels. From her physique to her presentation to her eye-catching outfit and wings. Cinthia was the epitome of IPL Fitness Angels.

That being said, the Open class was very competitive with top contenders like Celia Kooistra (2nd) and Katherine Velazquez (3rd). In the end however Cinthia would not be denied as she went on to place 1st and earned the IPL Pro Card. Shout out also to 4th Place finisher Megan Little.

Cinthia also impressed in several other divisions including Bikini Open (Class B) 4th place, Women’s Sports Model Open 2nd place and Evening Gown Open 2nd place.

Then, shortly after the West Coast Pro/Am, Cinthia landed on the front cover of the Winter 2018/2019 issue Natural Bikini Magazine.

Be sure to check out the issue releasing this month!

Michael Brooks Photography

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