IPL Pro Bikini Champion, Elli Nichole!

Top IPL Pro Elli Nichole was ON FIRE at the 2018 3rd Annual IPL West Coast Pro on September 29th in Sacramento, CA.

Heading into the West Coast Pro Elli had 10 career IPL Pro titles to her name and was the second most winning IPL Pro to date. The stage was certainly set for incredible excitement at the West Coast Pro.

In Cali Elli would enter four Pro divisions. First up was Pro Bikini.

In what resulted in one of the IPL’s most nail-biting-ley thrilling showdowns, it became clear that Elli Nicole’s look was superior. And that is how the scorecards played out with Elli earning career IPL Pro Bikini title number five.

And Elli had three more divisions to go…

Michael Brooks Photography

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