New IPL Figure Pro, Marisha Robinson!

Marisha was marvelous at the 2018 4th Annual IPL Southern Championship on March 17th in Houston, TX.

Marisha’s first IPL contest was the August 2017 2nd Annual Texas State. At that contest she placed 1st in Figure Novice, but had to settle for 2nd in Figure Open. That being said, Marisha impressed and pushed 1st place (and Pro Card) winner Alisha Gray to the max.

Marisha Robinson would return to the IPL Figure stage 7 months later. With her sleek, streamlined physique, an improved Robinson landed in 1st place Figure Open. And needing a minimum of 168 points for the PQ, Marisha earned 196, taking home the coveted Pro Figure Qualification.

Marisha Robinson has gained entry into a highly competitive group of elite Figure Pros. Interestingly Four IPL Pros are now based in the state of Texas: Misti Love, Yady Cedeno, Alisha Gray, and now Marisha. There was plenty of talk in Texas regarding a potential face-of featuring these four at the IPL Texas State Pro in September. What a lineup up that would be!

Part of the 1st place Figure Open prize pack was a copy of the latest issue of NATURALMAG, featuring the IPL’s #1 Figure Pro Mary Onyango on the cover. Perhaps Marisha Robinson clutching that copy is a foreshadow of a meeting with the champ later this year as well? Time will tell. Michael Brooks Photography.

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