New IPL Bikini Pro, Tabetha Hernandez!

Tabetha Hernandez was a dominant force in the Bikini division at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL SoCal Classic on April 14th in Covina, CA.

The Bikini Division was stacked all around at this show, from Novice to Masters. But, the Open class was the biggest class of the entire show.

IPL newcomer, Tabetha Hernandez opted to enter only Bikini Open at this contest, forgoing all other divisions and classes. A decision which clearly paid off as Tabetha propelled herself to the top of the class.

Tabetha’s most standout attribute was her posing and presentation. With a sultry, confident, unique style reminiscent of New York-based Bikini Pro Tasha Hunter, Tabetha commanded attention.

Needless to say Tabetha Hernandez deservedly landed in the top spot, earning her IPL Pro Card in the process.

Shout out to Antonia Grafton (2nd), Vanessa Santibanez (3rd), Katherine Velazquez (4th) and Anna Ramirez Martin (5th) who rounded out the top five.

AND, with a total combined score of 207 points (out of a max 240) Tabetha was not only the highest scoring Bikini competitor, but the highest scoring competitor of the entire show. Wow.

With what Tabetha Hernandez is bringing to the IPL Bikini stage (especially in the Poising and Presentation department) there is no doubt she will give top Pros like Annie Minkler, Lylian Muttakyawa, Kristen Perez, Sunny Eclipse Miller and Pro Champions Elli Sigala, Naia Blanco Day and Tawnya Cline a run for the money.

Michael Brooks Photography.

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