New IPL Bikini & Women’s Sports Model Pro, Kris Hani!

Kris Hani was amazing at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL Tahiti Championship on May 12 in Tahiti, French Polynesia.

After landing in 2nd place at last year’s Tahiti Championship (just two points behind 1st place finisher Heimana Mairoto) Kris Hani was back for redemption. And redemption is what she achieved, as she won all six scored categories in Bikini Open, and a total of 172 points out of a max of 180. The Pro Card was hers.

Hani would return later in the evening for Women’s Sports Model Open, where she dominated once again. Again she would win all six scored categories, this time earning 175 points.

Kris’s scores of 172 and 175 where the two highest scores of the entire contest.

Many believe that Kris Hani is ready to take on American Pros like Annie Minkler, Sunny Eclipse Miller, Tiffany Mickalson, Wassana Moore, Rebecca Unruh, Kristen Perez, Tabetha Hernandez…Tahitian Pros Aurore Cottet, Heimana Mairoto, Priscillia Cancian… and even Pro Champions Tawnya Cline and Elli Sigala.

Hope we get to see Kris Hani In these lineups soon!

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