New IPL Evening Gown Pro, Edith Temeiana TavanaeToofa!

Another amazing chameleon athlete at the 2018 2nd Annual IPL Tahiti Championship on May 12 in Tahiti, French Polynesia was Edith Temeiana TavanaeToofa.

After earning 2nd place medals in both Women’s Athletic Open and Women’s Sports Model Open, Edith would head into her final division, Evening Gown Open. Arguably the most competitive class of the contest, Edith had her work cut out for her.

End the end, Edith Temeiana TavanaeToofa was able to narrowly pull ahead for the win with 148 points. Hot on her heels were 2nd place finisher Bennett Vanina with 146 and Avaepii Turia with 142 rounding, out the top three.

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