New IPL Men’s Athletic PRO, Anton Aiu!
Men’s Athletic Open at the 2016 New York PRO/AM on Saturday, August 20th in NYC was one of the most competitive and intense IPL Men’s Athletic classes to date. On par with the 2016 IPL Arizona Championship, where Pat Vega took 1st by one point (with only three points separating 1st and 3rd).
In NYC Just 4 points separated 1st place from 3rd place. In third was David Boutros with 204 points. In second was a SHREDDED Leonard Smith with 206 points. And, in first… Anton Aiu with 207 points.
In the IPL when there are 5 or more competitors in a PRO QUALIFYING class, the class becomes an automatic PQ for the first place winner. And in NYC there were 6 in Men’s Athletic Open. So, along with Aiu’s win came the coveted IPL Men’s Athletic PRO CARD.
Rumor has it that Anton Aiu is currently prepping for his IPL PRO debut this fall. And, it sounds like he may be going head-to-head with IPL PRO Angel Aulet for an IPL PRO title. Things are definitely heating up! Michael Brooks Photography.

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