New IPL Figure PRO, Mary Onyango!
When Mary Onyango appeared on stage in the Figure Open division at the 2016 New York PRO/AM on Saturday, August 20th the earth paused, just for a movement.
Jaws dropped, eyes bugged, and not a word could be heard in the theater. As the shock and awe settled, the silence became murmurs and whispers as the audience and judging panel attempted to wrap their minds around what they were witnessing.
Soon the murmurs and whispers became cheers and roars as the full impact of Mary Onyango’s presence was unleashed. Photos cannot do justice to what Onyango brought to the IPL Figure stage on this night. She was that good.
Once again, the magic number of points needed to achieve IPL PRO QUALIFIED status was 168. Onyango blew that away as her score of 225 (out of a max 240) in Figure Open was even higher than the 221 that she achieved in Women’s Athletic Open.
The IPL has some incredibly competitive Figure PROS on our roster. IPL PRO Figure…meet your newest challenge, Mary Onyango. Michael Brooks Photography.

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