New IPL Bikini PRO, Ana La Belle!
Open Bikini Class C consisted of 10 hard-charging athletes, all vying for that number one spot and accompanying IPL Bikini PRO Qualified status at the 2016 IPL California Championship on May 7th in Sacramento, CA. But, in the end, Ana La Belle’s star shinned the brightest. With great muscularity, symmetry, conditioning, standout presentation and a suit color that really popped against her skin tone, it was Ana’s total combined points in these rounds that sealed the deal.
AND in Open Women’s Sports Model, Ana came close to taking the title as she pushed Tawnya Cline for the top spot. However, out of the 15 competitors in this division, Ana would have to settle for 2nd as Cline pulled away from the pack and nabbed first place honors. Michael Brooks Photography.

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