Top IPL Bikini Athlete, Cara Cooper!

Cara Cooper was one of the most exciting, stand-out Bikini Competitors at the 2016 IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic on Saturday May 28th in Mesa, AZ!

From top to toe, Cooper’s look really popped, making it difficult to take your attention off of her. From her Avant Garde, streamlined hairdo to her full, round physique and muscle bellies, to her stellar posing and presentation, Cara Cooper was a dominant force on the IPL Bikini stage. Cooper landed in the winners spot in Bikini Novice [Class D], AND took Overall Bikini Novice, besting 6 classes of Bikini Competitors.

Cooper then went on to battle it out in Bikini Open. This time, however, she would be forced to settle for second place (in Class C) missing first by an incredibly narrow 2 point margin. Cara Cooper is a top-notch, dynamic competitor who will be a top contender for that coveted IPL Bikini PRO CARD on whatever IPL stage she appears on next. Michael Brooks Photography.

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