New IPL Women’s Bodybuilding PRO, Dore DeBartolo!

We were very excited to have Dori grace the IPL stage at the 2016 IPL Midwest Metro in Madison, WI on Saturday July 30th. Several female Bodybuilders have competed within the IPL since our launch 11 months ago. However, until Dore, only one female Bodybuilder had achieved IPL PRO QUALIFIED status. And that Bodybuilder is IPL Pro Brittany Warner, who also served as our lovely awards presenter at the show.

DeBartolo was BIG, full, round, with crisp conditioning, and beautiful posing and presentation. Dore DeBartolo is certainly IPL PRO caliber and we are excited to welcome her into the IPL PRO LEAGUE. And, rumor has it, she just might be showcasing her brilliant physique in her IPL PRO debut in about a month or so. Keep an eye out. Michael Brooks Photography.

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