Top IPL Bikini Athlete, Elli Sigala!
Elli Sigala was INCREDIBLE on the IPL stage at 2016 Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ!
Reminiscent of top IPL Bikini athlete, Cara Cooper (from the 2016 IPL Arizona Championship & Tawnya Cline Natural Bikini Magazine Classic this past May) Sigala was one of the most exciting, stand-out Bikini Competitors at this show. And just like Cooper did 4 months ago on the IPLAZ stage, Elli Sigala won her class in Bikini Novice as well as the Overall Bikini Novice title. Then, just like Cooper, Sigala fell slightly short of clenching the IPL PRO Card in Bikini Open.
Yes, with what she was bringing to the IPL stage, there are many who believed that Sigala would have swept the show (she entered 5 classes…more on this in a future post). And when the dust settled, there were still those who felt she should have.
Elli Sigala possesses the “total package” of full muscularity, feminine curves and symmetry, sharp conditioning, and awe-inspiring stage presence. There is no doubt that the coveted IPL Bikini PRO CARD will be hers in the near future. Michael Brooks Photography.

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