New IPL Fitness Angels PRO, Elli Sigala!
One word can be used to summarize Elli Sigala’s IPL Fitness Angels demonstration at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ….. “MAGICAL”.
Elli was so prolific that it would have come as no surprise if she actually took flight during the IPL Fitness Angels division. Only the second, ever, athlete to win the IPL PRO CARD in Fitness Angels Open, she is joined by another brilliant beauty…Ivonne Grecco.
What Ivonne Grecco delivered at the 2016 IPL California Championship back in May (where she won her IPL Fitness Angels PRO CARD) is right on par with Sigala. To see these two buff, angelic beauties compete against each other would surely be mesmerizing. Michael Brooks Photography.

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