New IPL Figure PRO, Julia Hubbard!
Julia traveled all the way from Spain to compete in the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. And boy, did she represent! This Statuesque Beauty entered five classes and took home three IPL PRO CARDS, including Figure Open.
In order to be awarded IPL Figure PRO status, Hubbard needed to not only place 1st in the class, but also land a total combined score of 168 points. A hard charging Tabatha Barbarisi (this being her second IPL show and second attempt at the coveted IPL Figure PRO card) was hot on Hubbard’s heels.
Hubbard and Barbarisi were neck and neck throughout the prejudging rounds. Of the five judged categories, it went like this…
Muscularity = Barbarisi
Symmetry = Hubbard
Conditioning = Hubbard
Posing & Presentation = Hubbard
Suit = Barbarisi
The deciding factor was the Model Walk at finals. A seven point division separated these two athletes in this round. And, winning this round landed Hubbard the first place nod as well as enough points (175) to clench that IPL Figure PRO CARD. Michael Brooks Photography.

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