AMAZING IPL PRO, Kaylin Payne!

Holding IPL PRO CARDS in both Women’s Athletic & Figure, Kaylin Payne is a big part of the #IPLFamily. Adding highlights to those IPL PRO CARDS, Payne has also won an IPL PRO show, the 2016 IPL New Jersey PRO on May 21st, in Women’s Athletic. She also landed the cover of the June/July issue of NATURALMAG. She will be featured in the next issue of VIGOROUS magazine, AND she joined the IPL judging panel at the 2016 IPL New York Pro/Am on August 20th.

Kaylin Payne is a total IPL ROCKSTAR. She will be back on the IPL stage this fall and is planning to do some major damage at the IPL’s year-end pinnacle championship contest event, the APEX on November 12th in Los Angels, CA. Michael Brooks Photography.

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