New IPL Evening Gown PRO, Liliia Masliuk!

In one of the most incredible displays of the IPL Evening Gown division, Liliia Masliuk will not soon be forgotten. Masliuk was simply breathtaking. Statuesque, muscular, beautiful lines, curves, conditioning, brilliant presentation, all contained in a spectacular gown. All that and Liliia Masliuk achieved a near perfect score of 230 points out a maximum of 240 points, the highest points-to-judge ratio in the history if the IPL. Her average score was 9.58 points per round out of a maximum of 10 points. WOW.

Liliia NAILED first place and accompanying IPL Evening Gown PRO QUALIFIED status in convincing fashion at the 2016 IPL New Jersey PRO/AM in Jersey City, NJ on May 21st. AND this was Liliia’s first competition, ever. Liliia Masliuk will most certainly be a dominant force on the IPL PRO Evening Gown stage. Michael Brooks Photography.

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