New IPL Figure PRO, Misti Love Sowell!
A wonderful Ambassador to drug-free athletics, Mother of FIVE, Misti Sowell came to werk in Houston. The most wining competitor in the show, Sowell clenched firsts and matching IPL PRO CARDS in Figure Open, Figure Masters, and Evening Gown Open. That being said the closest call was in Figure Open with Misti scoring a total of 186 points, placing ahead of Ofon Solomon who scored 185 points. As close is these scores were, a win is a win and Misti Sowell did just that at the 2016 IPL 2nd Annual Southern Championship in Houston, TX on June 11. Michael Brooks Photography.
A special congrats and apology goes to Ofon Solomon who was mistakenly announced in 3rd place, when in reality she was actually 2nd, one point away from tying for first and two points way from winning the class.

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