New IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO, Sunni Rochell Ewing!

Sooooo, what is the IPL Sports Model division all about??? Well, It is fitness, fun, modeling… all wrapped up in an entertaining, sports theme. And, Sunni Ewing was Sports Model perfection.

Ewing traveled all the way from Texas to compete in the 2016 New York PRO/AM on Saturday, August 20th. An IPL Bikini PRO, Ewing came to the Big Apple for her PRO Bikini debut. An epic battle ensued, yet Ewing was forced to settle for second place behind IPL Bikini PRO Beth Cote.

But, the tables were turned in Women’s Sports Model Open. This time Ewing stole the show and landed in first. It was neck and neck all the way through prejudging between Cote and Ewing for first and second. However, at Finals, Sunni Ewing’s Model Walk solidified her first place spot as she scored straight 10’s (a perfect score) in this round and became the IPL’s newest Women’s Sports Model Pro. Michael Brooks Photography.

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