IPL Inspiration Dedication Contestant, Lisbette Mendoza!
38-year-old, mother of three (16, 5, & 3 yr. olds), IPL’er Lisbette Mendoza graced the IPL stage and shared her inspirational story (including her 96 pound weight loss) at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. Lisbette also competed in Bikini Mommas and Bikini Novice. Michael Brooks Photography.
“All of my life I had struggled with my weight, and believed that starvation was the only valid solution. Thus, making my metabolism slower and slower. Depression increased and self-esteem diminished profusely.
In 2006, a woman invited me to a Herbalife nutrition club and changed my life forever. Starting at 215 pounds and body fat higher than 50%, I was hopeless, but eager. To this day, I have lost a total of 96 pounds, dropped my body fat to 22% and increased my muscle mass to 34%. I’ve learned to love my body and all its imperfections.
Participating in this Bikini Competition has definitely been one of the biggest challenges of my life, by forcing me to grow discipline and overcome my fear of large crowds seeing the big girl that was once on the outside.
My success with losing weight and having a healthy, active lifestyle motivated me to help and inspire others. And, with all the confidence in the world, I can tell them “If I could do it, you can do it too!”

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