New IPL Bikini PRO, Monica Corona-Hunter!
Upon learning that IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO Monica Corona-Hunter had entered the Open Bikini class at the 2016 IPL Texas State on October 8th in Houston, TX, league insiders instantly became curious and excited for what Corona would bring to the IPL Bikini stage.
Corona is an amazing athlete, with an incredible physique. Clearly packing more muscle on her 5’1” frame than what is typically seen on IPL Bikini winners, the question was…would Monica Corona-Hunter be able to present her package appropriately, according to the IPL Bikini division???
Of the six scores IPL athletes receive, two are focused on presentation. The Posing/Presentation round during pre-judging and the Model Walk/Routine score at finals. In IPL Bikini, Muscularity (and conditioning for that matter) is not penalized. In fact, both are rewarded. However, the IPL is not necessarily rewarding muscle size. Instead, the IPL rewards muscle “fullness” which is a nice, round, healthy, full look to the muscle.
Interestingly, on the IPL Texas Stage, Bikini Open was packed with full-looking Bikini Athletes. Corona actually won the Muscularity round by mere 1 point. Second in Muscularity was a full, round, Starr Harry, followed by Claire Minar who also had a nice, full, healthy look.
Corona was the clear winner in the conditioning round, earning 35 points (out a possible 40). Second in conditioning was a lean and mean Kathy Wilson Throneberry, earning 31 points (and placing 5th in the class).
So, how did Monica do in the Posing/Presentation round and Model Walk at finals???
The Posing/Presentation round went like this… Claire Minar 31 points (1st), Starr Harry & Sylvana Nz 28 points (tied for 2nd) and Monica Corona-Hunter & Kathy Wilson Throneberry 27 points (tied for 3rd).
Model Walk at Finals went like this… Sylvana Nz 36 points (1st), Starr Harry 33 points (2nd), Claire Minar 30 points (3rd), and Monica Corona-Hunter 27 points (4th).
By the end, even with a dip in Presentation and Model Walk scores, Monica Corona-Hunter pulled away from the pack with a total combined score of 182 points (out of a possible 240). Close behind were Starr Harry with 178, and Sylvana Nz with 176 to round out the top 3. Michael Brooks Photography.

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