New IPL Evening Gown PRO, Beth Cote!
Beth Cote is no stranger to the IPL stage. Already a top IPL Bikini PRO, Cote also has competed in the IPL Evening Gown division in the past. At her first IPL contest, the 2015 North Atlantic Championship on September 5th in Fairfield CT, Cote placed first in Bikini Open (winning her PRO CARD) and second in Evening Gown Open.
The 2016 New York PRO/AM on Saturday, August 20th in NYC marked Cote’s return to the Evening Gown division. And, she was absolutely STUNNING. This time Beth would prevail as she landed in first place and snagged the IPL Evening Gown PRO CARD. The minimum point requirement was 168 (out of a max 240). What was Cote’s total? A whopping 221 points, one of the highest score totals of the show. Michael Brooks Photography.

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