New IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO, Beth Cote!
In one of the most competitive classes of the show, Women’s Sports Model Open was stacked with 11 athletes vying for the IPL PRO CARD at the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. However, one athlete pulled away from the pack.
That being said, it was in fact tight at the top. Only 7 points (out a max of 240) separated 1st place from 3rd place. Cote (Cheerleader theme) in first with 196, Brianna Jeans (Lifeguard) in 2nd with 191, and Elli Sigala (Cheerleader) with 189. A point or two here and a point or two there (including on a finals walk, that had high flying jumps and a backward walk-over into a split, put Cote on top) landing her in 1st, and making her the newest IPL Women’s Sports Model PRO.
This was Cote’s second attempt at the Sports Model PRO CARD and marks her third IPL division PRO QUALIFICATION. She is also qualified in PRO Evening Gown as well as PRO Bikini (where she is a 2-time IPL PRO Bikini Champion). Michael Brooks Photography.

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