New IPL Men’s Athletic PRO, Zyrian Zee Apurillo!
After narrowly missing the 1st place spot and IPL PRO CARD (by one point) in Arizona just three month ago, Zyrian “Vitamin Zee” Apurillo brought his A-game to the 2016 IPL Southwest Grand Prix Pro/Am on September 4th in Tempe, AZ. Although already an IPL Men’s Sports Model PRO, Apurillo still had his sights set on yet another IPL achievement. The coveted IPL Men’s Athletic PRO CARD.
Not nearly the biggest guy on stage, Zyrian Apurillo more than makes up for this with winning scores in conditioning, suit, and posing/presentation. An incredible competitor, Zyrian will make a fantastic addition to the IPL’s stock of A-Level Men’s Athletic PROS.
Worthy of mention is Danniel Giraldo, who finished in second place behind Zyrian by a narrow two point margin. Michael Brooks Photography.

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