New IPL Men’s Athletic Pro, Zack Smith!

That proverbial “three’s the charm” came true once again. This time for Zack Smith at the October 2017 2nd Annual Southwest Grand Prix in Phoenix, Arizona.

Zack’s first IPL contest was the May 2016 IPL Arizona Championship. At that contest he opted to enter only the Men’s Athletic Novice class. There, he would land in 2nd place behind Fernando Ortega.

After that contest a full year would pass before Zack Smith returned to the IPL stage. This time for the 2017 2nd Annual IPL Arizona Championship in May.

Here, a greatly improved Zack Smith opted to enter only the Men’s Athletic Open class, skipping the Novice. At this show he would battle it out with some of the best IPL Men’s Athletic competitors in the biz. However, even with his improvements Zack was forced to settle for 2nd place behind the dominant winner and IPL Pro Card recipient Alejandro Sigala. That class also saw Nick Torgerson in 3rd, Fernando Ortega in 4th, and John Breitzman in 5th.

Apparently coming so close to ultimate victory here (and seeing new IPL Pro Alejandro Sigala land on the front cover of NATULAMAG a few weeks later) lit a major fire under Zack Smith.

Five months later Zack would appear on the IPL stage for the third time. This time the night was his. With a look and presentation that was the epitome of IPL Men’s Athletic, Zack Smith took first, earned his IPL Pro Card, as well as 223 points out of a max 240. This was one of the highest point totals of the entire show.

So, what’s next for Zack Smith??? For one, keep an eye out for the Spring 2018 issue of Natural Gainz Magazine, where Zack is featured discussing his win and future plans. But, we can tell you this…he is aiming for his first Pro title in the spring… Ummm, Alejandro…Zyrian…we hope you guys are ready for the new Zack. Michael Brooks Photography.

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