Within the IPL, judging rounds are very similar from division to division. As a general rule, it is all about game plan and strategy. The IPL supports creativity, artistry, and gives athletes the ability to change or set the “standard” at any given time. The IPL’s advice or “judge’s notes” with regards to a particular athlete will be specific to that athlete. Athletes will not be advised on how to meet any “standard” because this standard will surely evolve and change. That being said, as mentioned, advice will be built into the judging & scoring system.

Athletes will receive six individual scores:

Each division consists of 5 “rounds.” For specific guidelines for each division click here.
  1. Muscularity
  2. Conditioning
  3. Symmetry
  4. Posing/Presentation
  5. Model Walk or routine (only the top five perform walk or routine)

Although not an actual round, athletes will also receive a score for the following:

  • Suit (fit & choice)

The Scores

9-10 = Excellent

7-8 = Impressive

4 – 6 = Good

1 – 3 = Weak

Here’s how it works:

Figure competitor example (using one judge and 2 competitors)


  • Muscularity = 9
  • Symmetry = 8
  • Conditioning = 9
  • Posing/Presentation = 4
  • Suit = 9

At this point this competitor’s score would be 39 out of a possible 50. The Model Walk would be judged only if she places in the top 5.

Here is what this judge’s scores tell her: She is very muscular, with impressive symmetry and excellent conditioning. However, her posing/presentation (poise, grace, make-up, and hair are judged in the Figure division) needs work. And, she has a great suit that worked very well for her. Could this competitor have received the lower score in posing/presentation because her extreme muscle mass and conditioning made it difficult for her to display her physique with poise and grace? Perhaps she should consider coming in a little smaller and softer next time in order to present better? Or perhaps she can stick with this look and work harder at bringing more poise and grace to her current look and posing for higher points in this round. It’s up to her.


  • Muscularity = 7
  • Symmetry = 9
  • Conditioning = 7
  • Posing/Presentation = 9
  • Suit = 9

Going into Finals this competitor’s score would be 41 out of a possible 50. Again, the Model Walk would be judged only if she places in the top 5.

Here is what this judge’s scores tell her. She has impressive muscularity, but her symmetry is excellent. Her conditioning is also impressive and she presents and poses excellently and is wearing an excellent suit for her physique. In order to score higher next time she may want to consider coming in with more muscle and leaner. But she should consider her strategy here as her softness and current muscle size may be the right combination for her to maintain poise, grace and present well. Or she could keep her physique as is and focus on perfecting her posing, presentation and suit and as a result add another point to her overall score. The bottom line is, all this is for her to decide.

Here, the smaller, softer competitor is favored due to her total package.


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