Although there are general guidelines for each division of competition, the IPL does not have a particular “look” that is rewarded. The look for each division will be determined by what the athletes bring to the stage on that day. If one competitor’s look has been consistently rewarded it will be because they have been bringing the best total package to the stage. If at some point another competitor presents a package that is different yet favored as the “best look” then they will have set a new standard.

The IPL encourages athletes, coaches, teams, camps to bring creativity and artistry back to the sport. By this we mean be creative, push the envelope, and create art. With the IPL you are not forced to conform to physique guidelines that are determined by the league. But be aware of what is judged. For instance if you are a Bikini competitor and you come in incredibly hard, ripped, and muscular, and as a result you cannot display your physique, walk, etc… with poise, grace, and fun then you will not place well in the Presentation and Posing rounds. And as a result this will hurt your overall score.

This being said, the IPL does have general guidelines for each division of competition. And, more importantly, we do have set rounds which are judged. Through the industry’s leading magazine publications we will be bringing you the stories, explanations, and photographs of the results of our shows. The bottom line is, be aware of the rounds and what is being judged, come in shape, and bring the best package you can.


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